The Hunting of the Snark

category: encategory: my-progs created: 25. Apr. 2005


Instead of the unmaintainable pile of html pages on this machine, i wanted to try my luck at some sort of mini content management system (CMS). And instead of using a readymade one i had to try and roll my own of course...

So i started building a little perl script which i called called NAB - short for not a blog (inventive - huh?) - because that's what is is supposed to be: not a blog!

I'll try to convert the static contents of this server into this system in the near future. The remains are currently accessible thru the static links on the right. When i get the feeling that it is halfway stable and the code is clean enough that i won't have to be ashamed of it, i'll probably publish it under some sort of free license. wait and see...

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