YAIV: Yet Another Image Viewer

YAIV is a java application for viewing and sorting images. It can also be used to view basic html files, texts and the contents of jar/zip files - but that is not my main interest.

YAIV is a work in progress and as it is, you can not expect it to work flawlessly (or to have a complete documentation) - but it does most of what i want it to already, so i decided to let you all have a go at it.

While i intend to make YAIV available under an open source license, the current version is licensed as a basic freeware binary.

Requirements: You need a current Java Virtual Machine (JVM 1.22 or better) and the YAIV 0.9 jar file. Currently, suns JVM 1.3.1_02 works best. With the most up to date JVMs v.1.4.x, YAIV has some sluggish drag and drop issues. Download the jar file to your computer and start it via "java -jar yaiv.0.9.jar".

Let me know your experiences by sending me a mail to hh@treehouse.de or heiko@snark.de


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